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I have the above ckt to drive the Buzzer. I am using Arduino Uno of coding.

my application demand above waveform to drive. Can someone suggest me how it can be done .

If PWM signal used

Ontime:  1Ms
off time: 500Us

How can i generate 10us of on/off pulses only in on time.


What buzzer do you have?
Does it  buzz if you connect it to 5V DC?

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Sep 25, 2019, 06:34 am Last Edit: Sep 25, 2019, 06:35 am by AJITnayak
i have 12 V Buzzer .

currently using below ckt to drive. Yes if 12v is given it will be continuous on.

Initially i have tried turn on using simple digital pin with 50% duty cycle . 0.5s on and 0.5s off.

After doing few more iteration buzzer sound deviated from original sound . i am using buzzer for indication purpose. when any fault is there turn on else it will be off. Buzzer will be not continuous

1) i would like know is recommended ckt for these application.
2)I have checked fresh buzzer when it started there is no ripple & after few cycle it distorted more.
3) after checking few forum , they recommend to use PWM signal . so i am trying on it.


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