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Hello everyone,
I have a homework to make a bldc motor driver in proteus,and then making in real time.I have made several time but it isn't working.Could anyone help me how to do this,please?By the way,I am a student and try to learn how mosfets,gate drivers work.


The error is in the top secret part you do not want to show us, I know it!


No the error is in the circuit, which is wrong.  Compare it to the datasheet circuit and you'll see that the two FETs on each arm must be in totem-pole configuration, not parallel.

The bootstrap capacitor need to be ceramic, not electrolytic, this is a high-speed high-current circuit. 
An 1N4148 diode isn't up to the high current pulses the circuit will see - use a 1A ultra-fast rectifier diode
or a 1A schottky diode for this part for robustness.

Basically read the datasheets for such high-low bootstrapped MOSFET drivers carefully and don't stray from
the recommendations unless you understand the ramifications of doing so.

You need to understand about dead-time and shoot-through prevention - different high-low gate driver chips do
this differently, if at all.  I'd highly recommend using drivers that do this for you as that will prevent a lot of
expensive mistakes.
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