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Hello! I have a problem, i connect my Arduino UNO PĂ­caro and i get this error which ill upload with the post, the this is, i have used this Arduino UNO for a while now to practice, so its not a driver issue, i already installed the drivers so it could assign an COM port, i just stopped working. The message says "this device may not be working properly". Greetings!


Device descriptor request failed is my attempt at translating the message in parenthesis.

This generally indicates hardware failure on the USB-serial interface chip (the official board and faithful clones that use the 16u2 as serial adapter seem more vulnerable to electrical abuse - the cheap clones almost never suffer from failed serial adapter chip).

Of course, do make sure you are using a known good USB cable - there are a lot of bad ones floating around (I think some vendor is/was bundling particularly shoddy cables with their arduino clones).

What were you doing with it when it failed?
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I made a dice, you know, press a button and get a randon number from 1 to 6,well, i was trying out a 7 segment display, but i forgot to put on the resistors, same with the button, forgot to put the resistor pull-up, you think that may be the reason? I "burnt" it?

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