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Hi guys, I would like to design a tightness self-adjustment mechanism for a chest strap by using Arduino. However, I have no idea about what kind of motor is available so that I can make this mechanism works by using an Arduino.
In my opinion, probably I can make something like the self-lacing shoes, where strings are incorporated inside the chest strap and there is a motor in which the strings are "binded" to it. As such, the tightness of the strap can be adjusted by controlling the motion of the motor.
Anyone can share their ideas with me? Probably some suggestion on the components I can use will be helpful. TQ very much in advance.


There is no need for an Arduino to get your prototype design working. Think about an Arduino once you know more about the forces required and safety features that will be necessary.



Indeed an Arduino may not be sufficiently reliable to prevent you squeezing someone to death.
Chests have to go in and out when you breath btw

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