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I have found several Arduino libraries that support SPI NOR Flash chips.  Is anyone aware of libraries that support SPI NAND flash chips such as the Toshiba TC58CVG2S0HRAIG, Micron MT29F2G01ABAGDWB, etc. ?

I am not sure if these chips use the same controller as SD cards so I am uncertain if SD drivers would work.


Looking closer at the commands in the datasheet of the Toshiba ship mentioned above, the SPI NAND flash commands do not appear to be compatible with SD commands.


But if you somehow can adapt the low-level details (e.g. how to read/write 512-byte blocks, retrieve/hardcode the capacity and ignore the "card type" attribute or flag it as SDHC), then you should be good to go.

However, you still have to "manually" write the partition table (the MBR version to be exact) and format the partition with the FAT32 filesystem (FAT16 if < 2 GB). If adapting the chip to an USB interface is not possible, then you'll have to study the formatter example on the SdFat library in order to calculate exactly what should be written and where.

Otherwise leave them as a somewhat annoying-to-handle EEPROM or create your own filesystem; because the SD library needs those data structures to initiate successfully (begin()).

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