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I have a made project which includes Hc 05 and relay module ...... running at 5v from arduino mini... My question is that ... if it is running 24/7 , can its life be more than 1 year or not?


It will probably last for many years.
It's not a good plan to power the relay and hc from the Arduino 5v line tho


As long as you are keeping electronic components like those on your Arduino board and HC-05 within their recommended operating conditions, they have a life of much more than a year.

The lifetime of the relay is counted in the number of times you switch it. If your program is quickly switching the relay on and of constantly, it could have a lifetime of less than a year.


My Apple IIe from 1984 still works!



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I hope you mean with appropriate level shifting, as the HC-05 is a 3.3v part...

(Some of the breakout boards have this on them, others expect you to add that if needed)

Running on 1.5x its rated voltage, or at 3.3v but with un-level-shifted 5v serial connection, I'd expect it to fail very rapidly.

Treated properly, I'd expect it to last years.
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