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Hello my name is Steve Ryan
I'm from New Port Richey, Florida
 My interest in Arduino has come about from my love for cnc and it's limited I/O
I have retrofitted and built several types of cnc machines from plasma tables to routers mills lathes mini mills and more.
 The situation I run into often is lack of inputs and outputs to really make a great machine with hobby parts and prices.
 I believe I have the answer to some of the problem of adding functions beyond the I/O limitations of cnc controller cards.
 I'd like to start a topic in the concepts section asking advice as to weather my theory will work and how to make it happen.
First I need to know:
can I add the location of my build and post it's address so others can see what I'm doing?
can I post my YouTube site to see my other projects and videos pertaining to my questions here?
If you see what I'm doing and have done, you may be friendlier to my questions
I'm not going to post my questions here in this section of the forum. I just wanted to know I'm not beginning by breaking the rules.
Thank You


As well as reading the How to use the Forum it is a good idea to read several existing Threads (Topics) on the Forum to become familiar with how it works.

You will see that links to YouTube videos and other websites with useful info are common but don't expect people to spend a long time on your behalf. For example a 30 second video is much better than a 5 minute video.

Try to keep descriptions short and to the point without omitting essential info. And ask specific questions.

DO NOT publicly post any personal information (such as your email address or IP address) as that just provides food for spammers to harvest.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


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