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I want to re-create a very old project called "Loudmouth PM" from a popular mechanics magazine from January 1982.  My father (who is 92 now) built this machine for me when I was a child.  I found his notes in a box in my attic.  I bought the magazine online to read the full article.

The project is based on a SN76477 sound generator.  There are a bunch of resistors, diodes, push-buttons, capacitors which I already have stocked.

I was curious if these "carbon film" potentiometers are any different than anything else, or which of the least expensive type I should get. 


The bigger brands are a bit better than a very cheap one. But for a fun project I would not really bother. Ever a cheap carbon film pot will least a long time as long as you don't wiggle it furiously for hours.
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The key thing is to get the right value and taper, linear or logarithmic, as described in the article.  Carbon film is just one type of conductive material, all pots are electrically the same whether made of carbon, wire, plastic, cermet.
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Ok, thanks that makes sense.   I'll stick with my plan, buy the cheap ones.


The potentiometers made for serious use have a track moulded into a ceramic base, and a tiny carbon brush on the tip of the wiper arm.

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