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Hi Guys,

I created a little project over at Instructables for one of my WS2812 LED lighting projects. I have tried as hard as I could to be super easy for beginners in IoT and Arduino to be able to put it together and get going whilst still making a functional piece of art. Its pretty basic to set up and get going as I have done all the coding and kept the part count way down.

I'm still trying to update the project over there and on GitHub, and just wanted to share it here to see if any other coders (and non coders too) wanted to have a glance over it. At this stage since the project is still new I'm open on anything worth updating and any notes on improvement. The aim here is to make this project as easy as possible for people to get to the final result. So if you want to have a look and have any notes I'm all ears  :)



Awesome !

Cool project and super eleborate, detailed and clear instructable, nice work man :)

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