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Hello everyone. I am newbie with the Arduino and I need your help.

I m using a washing machine universal motor with 2 cables for tachometer, which is controlled by a TDA1085 circuit.The RPM of the motor is controlled by the 10Kohm potentiometer of the circuit.
How possible is to use Arduino in case of the potentiometer, so the RPM of motor to be controlled by the Arduino code?
Is there any similar example?

Thanks a lot


It is this controller (pdf) https://www.thierry-lequeu.fr/data/TDA1085C-1.pdf

See figure 4 Basic Application Circuit.
From a quick reading, it looks like you have to deliver a voltage of maybe between 0 and 12 volts (relative to its ground) on pin 5 to control the speed throughout the range.

However, the circuit will not be isolated from the mains power. You cannot connect directly anything (arduino, digital pot etc.).

There are methods of using PWM via an optical isolator together with a low pass filter to control a non-isolated circuit but you have to know what you are doing and can't experiment.


The only role of the Arduino PWM in such a case would be to control the duty cycle of a led in an optocoupler / isolator.
I've already said that you cannot make any direct connection between the Arduino and the motor controller.

Everything else such as the generation of the control voltage (example 0 to 12 volts) happens in high voltage side of the circuit and is relative to the ground potential there.

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