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I have an idea to turn my cheap guitar into a simple robotic one, ignoring the fretboard and playing the open strings at their fundamental frequency, using an electromagnet. Can someone offer a good starting point or resource for thinking through the design concept?

My idea: I can simply get an electromagnet close enough to the string and drive it with a sufficient current to attract the string. But it would also need to be switched on and off at a precise frequency, corresponding to the fundamental frequency of the guitar.

I don't mind struggling with the build and tinkering with the design on my own but I'm not sure if I have the right setup in mind. Before I put out money on components or potentially hurt the guitar, am I on the right course here? Open to ideas!

Some others' projects that helped me this far along:
- I love the slow attack and release that this artist achieves. It's exactly what I pictured for my finished product.


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