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You can find pretty cheap devices like this and also this.

What makes them even more interesting is the fact that the built-in microcontroller is an ATmega32u2. You can get a bootloader for this chip here.

And to make it even simpler to mod these, I've created some helper library to support the built-in hardware:
All required libraries are already in the Arduino library manager.
My GitHub page has some instructions on how to mod the board.

My library comes with a few examples.

Please post your own "rotary encoder project ideas" here  :)


Somebody is going to ask this anyway soon, so... did ask a permission to use those pictures on your github site, or are they public domain?

Anyway, they are very useful devices. Dirty expensive too. Let's see where this goes.



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I bought those devices, arranged them and took the photo with my camera.

So I think it's OK that I use my photo on my GitHub page.


Very cool! I might try to program one as a jog/shuttle knob for video cutting.

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