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I went and got an RTC module that I wanted to have a play around with, based on a DS3231 chip and with an inbuilt ( spot welded in I think) lithium cell. The brand was some no-name cheap from china sort of thing. As far as I know the cell is a primary cell and not rechargable, I don't think that connecting the module to the 5V power of an arduino or other microcontroller project would be likely to accidentally charge it either. I can't immediately recognise the size, but I can say it has a yellow rim round the cell if that provides any information as to the type used (perhaps a colour convention indicating cell type?). I've alwasy been a little paranoid about Lithium, so do no-brand coin/button cells have the same risk of spontaneously bursting into flames as larger lithium batteries from unknown suppliers? Was wondering whether it might be worth removing this cell and replacing with a branded cell of the same size before using this module in a final project?



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