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I need a simple wireless project completed for a fee. It involves short-range transceivers. Please e-mail if you're interested.



You might get more responses if you could be a bit more specific.  Is this for two Arduino's communicating with each other?  Bidirectional?  Any specific hardware or radio band?
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It also helps to know where in the world you are.


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It involves short-range transceivers.
Some particular transceivers? Are you flexible? How many of them?

What range do you consider short? 10 feet? 10 miles? Something in between?


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I need two wireless, battery powered, handheld devices that will emit a word (WAV file?) and light up a small light (LED?) when they either enter or exit a range of 6-10 ft from the opposite device. Each device should also have the ability to light up the light and emit the word by pressing a button on the device itself.

The devices should be as small as possible and the parts as inexpensive as possible.

I'm in New York by the way.



Do they need to be in a case or is a plain PCB ok?

How long do the batteries need to last?

What do you mean Wav file?  Oh you want it to emit a spoken word?  Like "Hello!" ?

How many do you want, only 2?

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