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I see many solutions about using the ESP with Alexa but found no one for my DUE / UNO.

So here is a working script. It only needs the std Ethernet lib (with a little modfication).

Inspired by the Tasmota for ESP on github.

To get the IP from the Remote it is necessary to edit the Ethernet Lib (aktual version):

  Ethernet.cpp on the end of file:
      uint8_t *EthernetClient::getRemoteIP(uint8_t remoteIP[])
      W5100.readSnDIPR(sockindex, remoteIP);
      return remoteIP;

      Ethernet.h after virtual void stop(); (ca zeile 230)
      uint8_t *getRemoteIP(uint8_t RemoteIP[]);//adds remote ip address

I used Alexa Dot 3 Gen, i think it would work with 2 Gen too but not with 1 Gen, there you need to add the BRI stat every time. To do this take a look in the "xdrv_20_hue.ino" from Tasmota.

Not sure how many devices are possible, maybe up to 255.

I use it to switch 32 Relays on my DUE for home automation.
I use the DUE instead of an ESP cause i need 3 serial coms (RS485,RF,SMS usw) and many other pins.
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I'm trying to use your sketch with alexa, but it's not working. Alexa cannot find the arduino. Can you explain how it's working?

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