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Topic: How to make an ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04) trigger audio (WAV Trigger) (Read 91 times) previous topic - next topic


Hello  :)

I want to make ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04, launch a trigger on the WAV Trigger board. The trigger is being run though an Arduino Uno. Everything seems to be connected properly from the sensor to the Arduino to the WAV Trigger.

It's the Arduino coding I'm less confident with.

Once the sensor detects an object at 25 cm, I want it to trigger that audio. I'm guessing the logic is something like IF sensor detects 25cm THEN trigger audio.

Any support would be greatly appreciated. I'm putting together a video sound installation in a gallery next week and this is hopefully going to be a component!



Hi sparkedecho,
People are going to need more information to help you. Start with posting the following:
1) A schematic
2) The code you have so far (at least which libraries you're using).
All the best,
John Wolf
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