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Hello to everyone!

I need of your help.

I have to connect two 4-wire load cells to Arduino UNO using just one HX711 amplifier. I have to get a single measure.
I've already done the tests with a single load cell and everything works fine.
How do I do with two?


Google is your friend! Did you try searching for that? I'm sure you'll find at least a dozen tutorials.


I searched on Google ... but I don't understand what I have to do.  It's my first ever project and I know almost nothing about electronics.  I need help.  Please.


It's my first ever project and I know almost nothing about electronics.
To be honest: that's not a good project to start with.

This page shows you the wiring of a single cell to the HX711 and Arduino. The second cell is connected equally but the two wires A- and A+ (white and green) are connected to B- and B+ instead.


But the A and B inputs are different inputs with different gains. Not good if the two gauges are identical.

You can just connect the two in parallel (all 4 wires) to get an average of the two.

Or maybe you need several 2-wire units?
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