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Since I have installed the IDE 1.8.10  this message comes with correct compile too.This irritates (see many posts in the past) and should be corrected. There is really only one library present.

Example (after correct compiling):
Multiple libraries were found for "SeedLidar.h"
 Used: D:\Arduino\libraries\SeedLidar
Multiple libraries were found for "Serial115200.h"
 Used: D:\Arduino\libraries\Serial115200
Using library SeedLidar in folder: D:\Arduino\libraries\SeedLidar (legacy)
Using library Serial115200 in folder: D:\Arduino\libraries\Serial115200 (legacy)


Common problem and not just 1.8.10.
Just ignore it.
The IDE is getting very buggy now with simply crashing out, multiple instances of the same COMs port and "cant find file" on compiling after a few day's use.
Just make sure you save work frequently and don't expect it to be working 24-hrs later.
My gut feeling is that it just runs out of resources and gives up.

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