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It sure would be nice to have a DAC to go along with the ADC.  Also some software keywords would be nice to help out with that.
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The problem with an on board D/A is similar to that of the A/D in that these use analogue signals in a digital environment. This makes the chip more expensive to make especially as the resolution goes up. There are chips with a built in D/A just not many of them and none of them are and arduino.


if you do a bit of hacking on the internal timers you might be able to get better than ~500hz PWM.  Just a thought.  The ~500hz is compatible with servos which is probably why it was done that way.  Check out the 'analogWrite' code (and related code) for more info.

Also you can get external digital sound processor shields, which are better suited to audio output.  Then use the arduino to control the higher level audio processor. 

There aren't many analog applications (other than audio) that require 'faster than 1msec' PWM analog output.  But if they do you can probably hack up a good solution.  Dampened feedback and predictive 'net error' signals, etc.


No need to hack it's been done. Just one of several possible links:-

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