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I'm trying to run PWM at 2kHz on Arduino Due pin 21.
It's PB13, PWMH1 (Channel 1) on SAM3x8e.

The sketch below contains the PWM configuration.

Code: [Select]

  #define FWD  3       
  #define REV  4   
  #define CPRD_Value 42000                                // PWM frequency 84Mhz/2kHz = 42000
void setup() {
  pinMode(FWD, OUTPUT);     
  pinMode(REV, OUTPUT);     

  PMC->PMC_PCER1 |= PMC_PCER1_PID36;                      // Enable PWM on PMC
  REG_PIOB_ABSR |= PIO_ABSR_P13;                          // Set PWM pin perhipheral type   
  REG_PIOB_PDR |= PIO_PDR_P13;                            // Set PWM pin to an output (disable PIO and enable perhipheral control)
  REG_PWM_CLK = PWM_CLK_PREA(0) | PWM_CLK_DIVA(1);        // Set the PWM clock rate to 84MHz (84MHz/1)
  REG_PWM_CMR1 =  PWM_CMR_CPRE_CLKA;                      // The period is lef aligned and set clock source as CLKA
  REG_PWM_CPRD1 = CPRD_Value;                             // Set PWM frequency 84Mhz/2kHz = 42000
  REG_PWM_CDTY1 = 0;                                      // Defines the waveform duty-cycle. 0%.
                                                          // This value must be defined between 0 and CPRD (PWM_CPRx)
                                                          // x%= (CDTY/ CPRD)  * 100 %
  REG_PWM_ENA =  PWM_ENA_CHID1;                           // Enable the PWM channel

void loop() {

  // Turn on motor for 300ms
  REG_PWM_CDTYUPD1 = 0;   // duty cycle = 0%, the engine should not start
  // Turn off motor


I use REG_PWM_CDTYUPD1 = 0; to update duty cycle, but no matter what value I use in the register, PWM always starts the motor at full speed.

I've already consulted the datasheet and other topics, but I can't see the error. The code looks right.

Do you have any idea what it might be? maybe I should try another PWM channel?


Post a schematic of your wiring, plus type of motor.

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