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The computer on my Chrome OS is running the Arduino IDE app and it won't recognize the serial port on both the app and the online editor. Also, when I plug in the USB cable into the Arduino board, the on light turns on and turns off after 2 seconds. Is this normal? Lastly, are there any solutions to this problem?


Hello spencerkim.

Thank you for sharing your issue with the Arduino community.

I would suggest you try the following:

- Try a different USB cable ensuring it is a data cable.
- Make sure the you plug in the cable directly onto a USB port 2.0 (do not use USN hub)
- Try a different computer and check if you obtain the same result
- Perform a loop-back test following these instructions to determine if the serial communication of the board works:

If none of the previous steps solve the problem contact Arduino Technical Support to inspect a possible faulty board.
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