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I wish to use the Arduino Uno Board w/ WiFi   , ABX00021, to monitor the data of a sensor through an input and send the data over a network (same network) to a PC.

I initially thought the project would be relatively simple and want to keep it as basic as possible, however, its appearing not the case.

Main questions being:

1. Can it be done using the ABX00021?
2. How is the data transmitted over the network, what command?
3. What is required to interpret and display the data at the PC and how can it be done?

Any help will be appreciated, i really am just looking for the most simple solution to send data from the arduino UNO wirelessly over WiFi to my PC.


A common way is to run a web server on the PC and create a page there that you can hit with a GET request from the Arduino, including sensor data as parameters.

Or you can send UDP packets with the sensor data and write something on the PC to grab the data.

MQTT is another popular way to share data. Possibly using a free service to push the data to a cloud provider with will then push to your PC.


Thank you for your response.

Your first proposal appears to be the most common and cost effective way to do what I want to achieve judging from some research.
Please could you specify what the GET request will be linked to for it to retrieve the data from the Arduino ?

i.e if a web server is set up and i perform a HTTP Get Request, what do i assign that GET request to specifically... the Arduino IP address? (assuming it has one?)


The reference page for ethernet has a simple example: here


Take a look at the WiFiNINA library. It includes many examples of using WiFi.

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