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Greetings to all,

I'm looking to run a simple program such as "sweep" with two 8.4v servos:  


-I am using an Arduino Uno, powered via usb from a computer which is connected to a power strip.  

-The 8.0v is provided to the servos by a BEC that is also plugged into the same power strip.

-The signal wire to the servo is connected to pin 9 on the Arduino Uno

Attempting to run the "sweep" with the large servos doesn't work.  If I connect a smaller servo it works.  The smaller servo has a signal wire connected to pin 9, and the power and ground is connected to the Arduino Uno 5v power and ground.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Is the negative from the 8.0V servo supply connected to the Arduino ground?

What is the current rating of the 8.0V BEC? The servos have a stall current of around 6A so it should be at least that much.



My BEC can support up to 12.0A   


However, I did not connect the negative to Arduino ground.  Will try!

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