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So I want to build a arduino powered semi trailer light tester that will hook up via Bluetooth to my phone.

When I need help with is I'm not sure how to detect voltage across all 7 wires and have the arduino interface with it. I basically want to be able to program in if then statements for different voltage draws.


You need to start by explaining exactly what it is you want to do.   :smiley-roll-sweat:

Once you have a plan, you can begin to work out how to follow it.  :smiley-cool:


You may find some ideas with a forum search on 'light tester' or 'cable tester'.

Just sayin.
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My bad, I thought I was clear.

There are 7 12v wires that I want to be able to detect the voltage and amperage on, I'll have if then statements stating issues that we know said voltage and amperage for.

They'll give a status and send it as a string back to the phone to update the app.

I have the app backend mostly figured out, just not a method of reading the voltage and amperage.


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