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Only you can make any sense out the rats nest.
The LCD is upside down.    Not easy to read.

I can't see any external electronics.   When you consider that the LCD has 6 signals + 5V + GND,  it does not need that many wires.



Hi I think I finally managed to get a photo of the wiring
I think the yellow wire is connected to the wrong pin.

Unless the photograph of your connections allows us to unambiguously follow each wire from one end to the other it really doesn't help us determine if the connections are correct.



  in desperation I have stripped out all surplus wiring from the circuit leaving the bare minimum. Still no luck display does not work.

Photograph of circuit attached.

any help gratefully received




Seriously,  you could plug the display straight into the breadboard.
Then you just have 8 male-male jumpers to the Arduino headers.

pull the breadboard and Arduino to straighten the jumper wires.
the photo would be very clear.  we could identify individual wires.

you were successful in #11.   Even though you had an atrocious rats nest.

Wire it neatly.   You will spot errors.   Or readers' eyes spot errors.
If the wiring is verified but you get no display,   chuck it.  Buy another one.


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