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So I used a 5V supply and connected it to the 5V pin of the Arduino and used the same 5V supply and connected it to the Servo Motor and it does not move!?.

I'm 100% sure that it is not the program as I powered up this project with USB and it works ( just that the servo motor misbehaves sometimes )

Question : What is causing my Servo motor to not move and what can i do to overcome this issue?

Servo motor used : MG995

Power Supply : 5V 1AMP


Use a better power supply (the stall current of an MG995 is >1A) and don't connect power to the servo via a breadboard (if that's what your "rails" are).



Without looking at your code or wiring diagram, or image, I'd say that you have not provided enough information. Could you, please, please, please post a schematic, the code, and a picture of the connections?

Help us, help you.
Receiving partial information does not help me help you and wastes my time.


The above post is correct, the Stall current draw is 1200MA or 1.2A.  My guess is your power supply cannot supply the current.  I am assuming the servo 5V is not connected to the arduino and you have a servo driver.  Try using a bigger power supply and I think your problem will become history.

However if you are connected to the arduino, look at the link you provided it states "No load operating current draw 170MA" Now subtract that from the drive current of the arduino pin and you will get a negative number, that is how much you are overloading the output before doing anything.  That load can surge to 1.2 amps.
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