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I'm getting close to finishing my design for a guitar effects board.
I wonder if anybody can recommend a good US-based manufacturer for PCB's.
I need it assembled, mostly SMD's, a few connectors, battery and a screen.
The plastic case can be made separately or there, too.



Well, I guess I'll just talk to myself here, surely breaking a bunch of rules and get spanked eventually...

This is a very much international forum, as I understand.
Anybody, please share your experience: is it even realistic to produce a profitable PCB outside of China?


Well, there's https://www.screamingcircuits.com/
If you're really interested, get a hold of some of the PCB "industry magazines" and check out their ads.  (most are online nowadays.)

There's a reason that no one has info off the top of their head: US-side shops tend to focus on quick turnaround for prototypes of high-profit-margin products aimed at eventual mass production, so they tend to be REALLY expensive by "boutique electronics" standards.  PCB-fab only is still in the $100s range for the same boards you can get from China for $2 :-(  I ran guesses at an arduino-sized board (30 parts, 2.5x3.5inches, 100 boards) through screaming's online quote system and it was about $3k - $30/board.  that was without the actual parts...

Most of the small manufacturers I know of go overseas, or do their own assembly.


I think the cost will be a problem,some factories in Europe also doing good.But price about 3times than China


How many are you interested in making?
US based manufacturing is pricey for small quantities.
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