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Esou usando a ramps 1.4 para minha impressora 3D,
Uso uma alimentacao de 12v.

Eu fui trocar um driver do motor de passo(com o arduino desligado),
quando liguei novamente o arduino ele ligou e desligou em seguida,

reparei q o regulador de tensao esta aquevendo muito,
apos alguns segundos o arduino parece desligar, os seus leds apagam

Tem algum teste que eu possa fazer para confirmar se o problema é realmente o regulador de tensao?
Estou em duvida agora, nao sei se troco o arduino pra testar, ou se troco a ramps

I'm using ramps 1.4 for my 3D printer,
I use a 12v power supply.

I went to change a stepper motor driver (with the arduino off),
when i turned on the arduino again he turned on and off then

I noticed that the voltage regulator is heating up a lot,
after a few seconds the arduino seems to turn off, its leds go out

Is there any test I can do to confirm if the problem is really the voltage regulator?
I'm in doubt now, I don't know if I change the arduino to test, or if I change the ramps


The power to your stepper motors shouldn't go through the Arduino's voltage regulator.   The Arduino should only be supplying a low current "signal" to the motor drivers.


yes that's what is happening the engines are being powered by an external source


Start by redesigning the circuit a bit. Add a stepper motor driver shield or semiconductor, depending on your capabilities. This will take the motor load off of the arduino and place it on the 12V power supply that is now powering the stepper motor driver.  
Good Luck & Have Fun!
This response is to help you get started in solving your problem, not solve it for you.
Good Luck & Have Fun!


You should not be attempting to use the on-board Arduino regulator for any practical project as you are going to connect many additional loads - clearly not the steppers themselves, but other parts of the equipment - and the regulator has no heatsink to speak of.

You need a 12 V to 5 V switchmode regulator.

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