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Hi there.  I've been playing with el wire for about a year now, and thus far I've avoided adruino.  At some point I'll try and figure it out, however I do have Parkinson's which creates some difficulty in soldering and some cognitive issues learning new stuff (although I can get hyper focused as well). Anyhoo I've made a bunch of el wire suits for my art project (insta #prnart #litebritesuit ). Currently, pun intended I'm using usb power to light two 15 ft runs and around 4 ft for goggles. The usb battery I'm using has an on off switch which is key, better yet I would live to incorporate variable flash and fade along with that.  The little battery packs are too small and hard for me to operate while performing so what I want is a good size rocker and switch .  Is this possible and if so how would I incorporate .  I'm not far from you do it electronics and they have everything I imagine I would need .  Thanks for your time.


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EL wire requires a relatively high-voltage and high-frequency power supply. That little box between the USB and the glowy part does that.

Most of those power supplies are pretty smart. If you give them a reduced input, they will work harder to provide their rated output. They are like non-dimmable globes sold for home lighting.

Search for a dimmable or controllable EL power supply.

If you can reduce your requirements to only on and off, then that is easy.
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