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I bought SD card module from WAVGAT and connect all pins as they should be to my arduino UNO.

MOSI -> 11
MISO -> 12
SCK -> 13
CS -> 4

running on 5V

Card formated to FAT16.

When I try the Arduino example for CardInfo or Datalogger, card cannot be initialized.

I know this isn't problem with card because the card works well on GPS shield.

Where can be problem? Can the problem be with the module itself?


If it's a microSD module, it should be ok.

Try connecting CS to pin 10 instead of pin 4, and change the cardinfo example sketch:

- from -

const int chipSelect = 4;

 - to -

const int chipSelect = 10;


Thanks for quick reply.

I have already tried on 10 pin, also on 8 pin, still without success.


Do you have a link to the SD module you're using?




That should be a good module.  And you are feeding a solid 5V supply to the module's Vcc pin. And when you've tried 8 and 10 as CS options, you've changed the sketch to match.  And you don't have any other devices connected to the SPI pins.

I don't know why it wouldn't work.  You could try measuring the output voltage of the module's voltage regulator to make sure it's about 3.3V.  Otherwise, I don't know what to suggest.


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I have measured it and its 3.3V. I will buy a new one, it is quite cheap, this one looks its broken. Thanks for your time and help. :)

One tiny contact soldered with tin was disconnected few mikrometers from logic-voltage regulator. Its working well now. It was hardware error.


That's great.  Congratulations on finding the problem.

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