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The rats nest:


Sorry the pic is blurry. I'll try to get a better one.

Major components are noted.


Revision. Fixed with a light load, if more than ~1 amp is pulled from the strip, no go. Also pumps screw it up.

Parts that work : The code of the Ardiuno.

I saw the pictures and to my "HORROR"  :smiley-eek: , a flat multi cable too close of 120 V AC LINE... Pump = Major Inteference. Sound like to me, it's intefere with the flat cable.  A "shield" cable may work ?   ... May be not..May be yes.... Like gambling...

I look at the schematic ( signals from the Ardiuno ) My question is : Where in the schematic the flat cable come from ? If it came from DIRECTELY from the Ardinuo... :smiley-eek:   That is the problem !!!  In my opinion, You need ..humm.."Re-build".."re-located' the opto board.  AWAY from the AC line !!! Example : Opto-Board ( in a nice corner ) --->line from relays---->to AC plugs ( the other corner ).

The decoupling part is not fixed if you are still having the same problem.  The entire system is the "pertinent part" when you are dealing with this kind of problem. How many ways can we say it?

Like he says. The "system" need to be re-design.


Thanks  Techone.

What I am thinking in way of steps forward in getting the shielded ribbon, and trying that with the relays mounted into a project box affixed to the top of the strip. That way they are isolated from the main power. I was hoping to completely integrate the relays into the strip, but as you pointed out, the interference and the danger of short circuit is too great.

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