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Hi guys,
I'm working on a project that makes Arduino get information from devices and send it to my server for making a website to control machines, Now and after I lunch my project I need to know how I can send and receive data from server/Arduino using ethernet shield without passing by PC.
If there is a solution please guys give me a tito or something.
Thanks for your help.


You do not need to send the data to your PC. If your Arduino has a WiFi or Ethernet connection you can send data directly. You will need to install libraries depending what hardware you are using. The standard Arduino WiFi101 and WiFiNina libraries, come with very simple examples starting with scanning WiFi networks around you to sending data, web server ... If you have some other board the likely have some examples as well. I use the Arduino Nano 33 IoT and the Adafruit Feather M0 WiFi board, but there are many others.

Regarding protocol, have a look at MQTT. Its a lightweight protocol developed for sensors and runs on top of TCP/IP. You can use this to send your data to a IoT cloud solution or build something yourself.

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