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Hi there,
I have bougth a mecanum wheel platform plus DC motors in aliexpress
mecanum wheel platform plus dc motors

To my sadness, I am struggling to understand the pinout of my encoder. What is writteng in my socket interface is: Vin, PWM1, PWM2, PGND, A, B as seen in the attached pic but what i most google are pinouts such as A,B, M+, M-, SENSOR+, SENSOR-.  Vendor is not providing any support/datasheet  :smiley-confuse: 

Sorry for the silly question but.. I am right with the following mapping?

Vin     ------------ M+
PWM1 ------------ SENSOR +
PWM2 ------------ SENSOR -
PGND  ------------ M-
A        ------------ A
B        ------------ B



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Not a silly question at all, and one that the vendor should be prepared to quickly answer.

I have a similar motor/encoder, likewise with two Hall sensors, and the six pin connector is as follows (from left to right, viewed from the outside with the circular magnet up), but the markings on the encoder board are completely different.

1. Motor -
2. Encoder Pwr (3.3 to 5V)
3. A
4. B
5. Encoder GND
6. Motor +

Use your multimeter to verify the connections to the motor terminals.


Just in case somebody else may face the same issue some day, in my experience it turned out that the right mapping was as follows

Vin     ------------ ENCODER SENSOR +
PWM1 ------------ MOTOR +
PWM2 ------------ MOTOR -
PGND  ------------ ENCODER SENSOR -
A        ------------ A
B        ------------ B

Thanks @jremington!

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