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I have just ordered the parts to build a project similar to this


I basically have an issue that the electronic water sensors are failing too often and this is becoming too expensive, so I thought on building it myself so if something fails I can just replace small parts instead of the whole thing, the current sensors look like the attached image called sensor.

I live in a 4 story building where there is a water reservoir at the bottom and water tanks at top.

The idea is to have the arduino receive information from both the reservoir and the water tanks at top, the water tanks at top to check for low level and ask the arduino to turn on the pump, in return the arduino checks if there is water in the reservoir and if yes then the relay will be opened and water will start flowing until the water tanks reach x level as to avoid overflow.

All seems straight forward but I am wondering what will happen to the length of the wires, I made a small representation of the building in the image called home, so I basically have to provide a lengthy cable of approximately 15mt/50ft.

My question is, would it be possible for me to use the existing cables (2x 10 gauge coper), and if so, how can I make them work as the jumper cables?

If not, would making a jumper cable that long work? would there be any issues with the signal?


Welcome to the Arduino forum. You have an easy to do project and a very hard to do project at the same time. Float switches are really easy to implement, but the distances are going to be problems because the wires will become radio antennas and will pick up all kinds of noise.

Also, the float switches of the design you show are really problematic. They have a steel roller that rolls one way to make a contact and roll the other way to open the circuit. I used them for several years to control the water level in my irrigation storage tank.

A float switch made in China began to leak after 2 years. I found another made in Brazil and it worked for 5-6 years, until I replaced the tank and went to a new system. Also, the level differences that can be sensed are quite small, on the order of 2-3 feet. I needed about 4 feet. Please tell us what the levels are that you need?

Now, you may be able to use shielded wire to connect the level sensors to the Arduino. This is something you cannot plan ahead for and will need to try it. The shield needs to be connected to your mains power ground, and at one end of the shield only.

Good luck.




Use a relay between tank-Flot and your electronic system
Use other current to do it

Use OFF/ON contact of relay to arduino.



I basically have an issue that the electronic water sensors are failing too often
Why are they failing?
This may be a very important bit of information when choosing your replacement! Those very long wires are indeed acting as antennas, and may become the source of destruction when there's lightning nearby.
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