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Hello, i will have a schematic below that I am trying to learn more about how it works. I know the very basics about transformers and how to step up and step down voltage by the number of turns in the primary and secondary. Both of the Primary have around 6 turns and the secondary has around 1000( not shown in the schematic but both are wrapped around an iron core.)

Heres what i believe i know. The circuit creates a high oscillating AC voltage.
In order, the current flows through 220-ohm resistor then flows through the top coil, then through the base of the transistor to ground, this activated the transistor and allows current to flow straight from 6v through the bottom coil to ground.

1)Does it happen in the order that I said?

2)What exactly causes the oscillation, is it just because one coil activates the transistor and the other coils current flows from collector to emitter, but not at the same time, one goes then the other?


If you are interested in high voltages you might find this interesting:
Extreme Electronics


This is a classic circuit It has been around for a lot of years but still new to most.  The winding in series with the base is actually a feed back winding which causes it to oscillate. Try this link it has a fair description of your circuit.
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