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I'm trying to use my Arduino Nano 33 BLE with a power pack. I have read on some threads that due to the lower current drawn, this is not always possible with specific power packs. However, I am also have the same issue with using it with trying to power it with other laptops. It only works with my own laptop and straight after uploading the code. Any ideas?

Additionally, is it possible that the code is wiped off the memory when changing between power sources?

Thanks :)


Yes, some power packs switch off the output when the current drawn is too small. They are designed to charge mobile phones and tablets. But there are power packs that are fine with running Arduinos.

No, flash memorys in microcontrollers do not loose there content when changing power sources. Erasing flash memory is usualy not easy. The software doing this usually does checking and needs to write some specific registers. Half the world would not work if flash memory was not reliable. :)

Did you leave the while (!Serial); at the beginning of your sketch?

That will stop your program in setup if nobody connects to the virtual "serial port". :) Old Arduinos probably do not care because they cannot tell the difference. Arduinos with direct USB connection can.

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