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I'm new here, not sure if I can ask something here but I feel like it was the best place of the forum to ask you that.
I just got an arduino huzzah esp8266 and a crickit to control 4 solenoid and 2 motor cc6V.

I'm now looking for a code to test one solenoid or the 6 motors together, but i don't find anything for the arduino huzzah esp8266 plug into a crickit feather.

Can you help me ?

And if it was not the right place to ask, i'm sorry !
Nice evening !


Code is very, very seldomly found. Normally it is man made as a part of the Project.
Use Your knowledge. If that's not enough, look for education.
Having knowledge, think outside the box to gain more of it. Only trains run like the train, on the rails. The rest run between the rails.


The Huzzah ESP8266 and Crickit Feather are Adafruit boards so you should start with Adafruit tutorials to get the boards up and running. Start with the ESP8266 tutorial without the Crickit board. Once you are able to upload a sketch to the ESP8266, try the Crickit tutorial.

Note the Crickit board has a micro USB connector but it cannot be used with the Arduino IDE.




Hello, thank you for your answers ! I already did the tutorials but I'll do them again, maybe something went wrong and i didn't understood when.

Have a nice journey and thank you again.

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