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I'm trying to do fairly simple image recognition for a project. I'm thinking that I should probably use a Teensy 4.0 because I'm trying to make my system as small and light as possible and it seems to have a significant amount of memory. Does anyone know if there is any way to do the processing on the Teensy or if I'm going to need to use a pc?


Image processing usually requires a lot of processing power i.e. a PC as you suggest. The new Teensy is quite fast though, so maybe it's plausible.

I'd suggest that you code up your algorithm on a PC and see how long it takes to process an image and then do some back of the envelope calculations to see if the time the Teensy would take to do it is acceptable.


It would be helpful if you described your "fairly simple" image recognition algorithm.


You must have to use PC for that,

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