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I need to adapt a keyboard or panel to my computer, I have a set of reactions, questions and alerts.
My question is when connecting this keyboard disables my laptop?
also and heard about mapping someone please explain to me ..
 I wish that when the reactions appear the user can react from this keyboard as I program it? It only has 7 buttons. the game is designed in java help me please
the idea is the image appears the user presses the key indicated to the image, in the questions press a, b, c depending on the answer, and step on a pedal if it is in red or green.


You can use a MICRO or PRO-MICRO or any 32u4 based board to act as a HID (human input device)..

So it basically behaves like a mouse or keyboard when connected to the PC.

You can also program 'macros'..  ie: a click on the Arduino sends several/specific key strokes and/or mouse clicks..

The rest of your post is hard to read and understand.


I'm sorry this is translated from Spanish to English and that's why a lot of things change, but I want to have an idea of how to start, right after including the <keyboard> library.
What do you think I should do, that mapping the keys is necessary?


If you are talking about using the real USB keyboard..

and reading what keys were pressed..etc..etc..

You will need different hardware.. and a different approach.

You will need a USB Host Shield then...   (I think I got my old ones from circuits@home not even sure they are still around)



nor did I....   nor from from any of your PM's either.

Basic question:

Do you want to make your own 'device' using an Arduino that connects to a PC, and send keyboard and/mouse commands to it..  in a 'marco' like fashion?   (ie: multiple/time clicks or key presses/actions)

Yes or no?


Are you trying to 'trap' (parse) a USB keyboard connected to a PC, when key s are pressed do some sort of 'action/behavior'?

yes or no?

If you ARE trying to do the later (as mentioned before) you would need a USB HOST shield I believe..

and then do some sort of key parsing...etc   circuits@home had shields, and examples..  (not sure if they are around any more)


Stop PM'ing me.

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Your translation attempts are terrible.

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I'm having trouble understanding the translations of your questions.  Perhaps you would get better results in the Spanish-language part of the forum:  EspaƱol - Spanish  Even if nobody there can help you with the code, perhaps they can help you translate the questions into technical English.
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