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Recently I'm learning Arduino, and playing on Arduino UNO under Arch Linux system. I know Arduino has an IDE for developing. But I'm a fan of Emacs, I want to do that in Emacs. So I searched around existing modes for arduino files. I found arduino-mode, but it's been not maintained for a while. So I take over maintainment, and added some neat functionality to interact with arduino board through arduino command. If you're an Emacser too, you will be interested in this package. Here it is: https://github.com/stardiviner/arduino-mode/


But I'm a fan of Emacs
You are too weird for words. 8)


thanks, stardiviner!  i'm in a similar situation.  i've been using emacs to edit, and i have the arduino IDE open basically just to hit "upload".  being able to do it from emacs will be much nicer.

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