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Hey everyone.

Not sure if this is the proper place to post this, any guidance is taken with gratitude.  

Looking for someone to guide me to the right place, or themselves, to producing a board with Bluetooth built in and possibly a rechargeable battery for the project I have outlined below.

5 RGB LEDs will be continuously lit, while a single motion detector will be "pinging" to detect motion in its area.  The Bluetooth will be sending information when that motion sensor "ping" relays motion.  Then a new motion sensor will begin "pinging" to detect motion and so forth in this sequence.

Is this feasible?

Project going in the right direction based on schematic?
I am short on PINS without doubling up on the Trigger/Echo pins for each sensor, due to the high PIN demand of the RGB's.  *Possible Solution?*

I understand I will need to add resistors in this schematic and actual project *guidance on this will help as well*.



Hi b3y0nd,

Is your post missing the schematic?

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