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Design the Media & I have been targeted & approached about a big Max5 installation project for a permanent exhibition

For newbies, I used the Max5 framework provided & edited by those gurus at Cycling 74
Big up to them!

The Museum is: Musée de la Buzine - Maison des cinématographies de la Méditerranée

It involves:

  • 24 systems with OS Windows 7 64bits + 1 server with Windows 2008 server.

  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet Network

  • 7 touchscreen

  • 10 video-projectors

  • 20 rfid readers

  • 7 arduino boards with 8 buttons + 8 ultrasonic sensors

  • 2 multichannel (>4) sound system

I designed the whole system, integrating visuals from a graphic designer, videos from footage makers, sounds from sound designers.

I had to create several tricky systems like:

  • a dynamic subtitler for video (using basic .srt files for easy maintenance & change by the customer)
  • a scheduler (using UDP datagrams to shutdown the whole exhibition at particular hours all along the years & using Wake On Lan UDP datagrams to wake up all in the morning too)

  • a database integration (it provides a system to make Max5 patches knowing what is the language of the visitor's RFID Card)

  • full network connections to remote control all patches with UDP datagrams (put the installation stand by mode to save energy, etc)

  • specific Arduino firmwares (input reading + output writing)

  • This Museum has been inaugurated by the french Ministry of Culture, 2 days ago.

All infos can be found here

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