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hey 12stepper. what's your email address?I would like to send you a e-gift card.


That's very kind if you but unnecessary, thanks.

One day you'll be the one giving the help....


Hi 12stepper.
How did your 5k go?

I need your advice with continuing the from last program.
The picture shows 12 slots, for gummy worms to slide thru on a vibrating fixture.With 12 IR sensor at the end to count which will from to a chute(not yet fabricated). The slot will let only 1 worm slide thru at a time. 

My question is after 1 is thru, what mechanism to stop it until all other are thru as well.

I was thinking having 12 small air nozzle in from of the senor,  wouldn't  that be too complicated?
What do you think??

Thank you



 I was thinking these options..

1) mini actuators...


2) mini air pump /with controller..



I must say, I actually have no idea what you're trying to do or what you're asking...


heheh ok

Let me explain..

The 12 slots that you see.
Each slot will have a gummy worm slide down pass the sensor than into a closed chute.
The IR sensor will count them 1 than will trigger either a (small actuator or a air nozzle) that will stop the next 1 coming down.

 After all 12 slots have 1 pass thru. Chutes open then close.
The trigger stops, gravity then allows the next 1 to slide down.

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