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Hey guys,

I'm using a MKR1000 with Arduino v1.8.10 for Windows 10. When I start up and upload my sketch to the board from the IDE everything seems fine, but the serial port greys out so I can't really do anything with the board after. If I want to upload a new sketch I have to reset the board entirely.

This wouldn't be too much of an issue but I'm trying to use Tera Term to monitor the information from the board and I can't connect to the port to receive this information. I've looked at other posts in the forum and have tried everything recommended for fixing the grey port issue, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, un/reinstalling the IDE, using different USB cords, etc. All except for trying a different PC, which I don't have.

I'm very new to Arduino, and really coding in general so any help or suggestions are appreciated!


If the MKR1000 remains connected to the PC, the serial port is unavailable to any other application such as Tera Term.

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