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Hey there,

I wrote up a basic explanation of the hardware components that you see on an Arduino Uno (rev3) board. It's mostly targeted at beginners, i.e. people who don't know much about electric circuitry or about how the Arduino board is built up.

I hope it's helpful or interesting - and in case you have feedback, I'd be happy if you let me know!




Welcome to the forum!
Nice tutorial.
A remark: The "main microcontroller" used with Arduino UNO is ATmega328P not ATmega328. Both microcontrollers do exist and there are a few differences, like different signature, "picoPower system", other characteristic with brown out detection, some different assembler statements.
Signature of ATmega328 is 1E 95 14.
Signature of ATmega328P is 1E 95 0F.
ATmega328P is officially supported by Arduino IDE, ATmega328 is not.
I think it would be a good idea to change the entries to ATmega328P.
Always decouple electronic circuitry.


Yes indeed, good catch - I've corrected it, thank you!

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