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Gel cell most likely.
Yes, I agree. Until someone tells me otherwise I am going to continue to believe the freezing point is a lot closer to 0 degrees C for a discharged battery than for a charged one.


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Thanks for the help. I was able to come up with the attached pictures. It is going on a shelf in the house. Not outside. I hooked this up to a plug in to check the draw with the kill a watt P3. It was showing about 5 volts and .06 to .07 amps. I had it running for about 8 hours today and it was still pretty bright. I am charging the battery with the APC battery backup unit itself. Just plugging it in for the night. We will probably run it for about 2-4 hours a night so I think I will be able to get about 3 nights out of it before charging again.

Good to know on the charging of the battery though. I will maybe hook the battery backup to my alarm clock in the bedroom for the summer so it is not sitting for 8 months.


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