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Dec 01, 2019, 07:36 am Last Edit: Dec 01, 2019, 07:41 am by thebigpotatoe
Hey guys,

I recently built a terrarium monitor out of an ESP8266 and a few sensors for my girlfriend so she can look at the health of her plants while she was on her business trips.

This isn't the first Arduino project to use these simple sensors, but where I think the project is different is the embedded web page I made for this project. I want to share it with anyone else who has used these sensors before, especially in gardening if they want a nice and simple interface to see the health of their plants.

The code is over at GitHub if anyone wants to use it. I also wrote up how to build the terrarium over at Instructables if your're interested


This is some of the best project documentation I have seen, Great Job!.  Thanks for making it available to all of us, your girlfriend is dating a neat guy! I have a feeling that goes both ways! Merry Christmas!
Good Luck & Have Fun!

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