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The world has lost two of the greatest analog engineers ever, in such a short span of time...
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One of my heroes.
A great engineer and (unusually) a great writer too.


I always enjoyed reading his articles. He'll be missed.


Bob Pease, intellectual philanthropist, an engineer's engineer.

I was once fortunate to have lunch with him, prior to one of his "analog power-point" presentations.  All morning other National engineers had presented Power Points on new tiny chip-scale logic gates, buffers and amplifiers, no bigger than flakes of black pepper, a sneeze might blow away thousands $$$ in inventory.  As we broke for lunch I mentioned to Pease that i still have my 1978 Analog databook by National, the one listing "LH0063 / LH0063 Fast and Damn Fast Buffer Amplifiers". I suggested National might call the new chip-scale products "Tiny and Damn Tiny Buffer Amplifiers". He was tickled at this and sat at my table in the cafeteria.

After lunch we all were treated to Bob Pease's famous "analog power-point" which is done without a computer.  He lugs around an overhead projector and stacks of plastic transparencies and some colored grease pencils.  He gets wound up and its quite a show, the viewgraphs are slapped down layer after layer, almost as fast as animated video, with colored pencils adding in details as he goes.  A real tour de force of deep and clear thinking, always well seasoned with his wry wit.

Here are a few Bob Pease stories and links

He will be greatly missed.

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