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I'm trying to upload my sketch, it's the IRsendDemo you'll find in the example tab under IRremote

When I try to upload I get the message

avrdude: stk500_getsync() attempt 1 of 10: not in sync: resp=0x00

What do I do?



Were you ever able to upload to the ATtiny85?

Are you using a bootloader on the ATtiny85, and uploading over serial, or are you uploading via an ISP programmer?


I've only ever been able to upload one sketch and that's all.

I'm not sure what a bootloader is and I'm not uploading over serial. Also I'm uploading from an arduino.


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Then you are not using a bootloader, that's the thing that allows you to upload via serial directly, instead of over another arduino ir other programmer. Note that on a virgin t85, you still need to do tools-> "burn bootloader" to set the fuses that make it run at the desired speed. (This is the precedent set by the official arduino cores - only burn bootloader sets the fuses, hence only burn bootloader with aromg settings can soft-brick the chip)

If using my core, be sure that you dont have the optiboot board option selected (other cores wont have this option) - that version will attempt to talk to a bootloader directly over serial, instead of selected programmer, and unless the bootloader is present, and serial adapter correctly connected, including dtr autoreset circuit, will fail with that error (if serial pins is connected correctly, but autoreset isnt, with some versions of my core, the first upload would work - a bug since fixed (now reset is required) - though you couldn't have wound up here unless you bootloaded with via ISP, then connected serial adapter, so probably not relevant).

Assuming you dont have the optiboot definition selected, that indicates a communication problem between the arduino being used as programmer, and the t85.

Did you put the ~10uF cap between ground and reset of the arduino after uploading ArduinoAsISP? This is required on some versions of the IDE under some conditions.
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