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Im working on a simple MP3 player for a relative, using an arduino uno and a DFplayer mini.
The wiring is simple enough, but whatever it try the sound is simply distorted. The only suggested fix i have found is the power the DFplayer with its own 5v power, which i have tried with  no difference. I have another df board on order, but i was wondering if anyone has had the same issue?

p.s this is not a digital noise issue, i have 1k resistors on the TX/RX lines which has cleaned that up.

Thanks in advance.


Does the same MP3 (or WAV) sound OK on the computer?

Maybe the volume is turned-up too much?  Is it related to volume?   Boosting with EQ can also cause distortion.

Are you sure the speaker is OK?


the files play fine on any other machine, and ive tried a few speakers. hopefully its just a faulty board and im not missing something obvious.

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